Bavaro Beach Dakhla offers a memorable vacation experience by facilitating reservations to explore the peninsula and the Grand South Atlantic region. With sublime beaches like the White Dune, authentic Sahara desert excursions, and diverse activities such as jet skiing, quad biking, and eco-friendly sand golf, the welcoming city of Dakhla provides an authentic immersion with excellent restaurants, vibrant markets, and a lively promenade. It’s a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure!

White Dune

The Lavish White Dune, a magical encounter between the Laguna and the desert

Imlili Sebkha

The Imlili Sebkha, an oasis of biodiversity in the Sahara desert

Porto Rico

Porto Rico, an immense beach located precisely on the Tropic of Cancer

Sahraoui Village

A visit to a typical Sahrawi village, traditional tea and camels

Talha Mar

Visit and spoil your taste buds at the Talha Mar oyster farms on the Laguna shore

City of Dakhla

Discover the city of Dakhla and its handicraft compound for a chic ethnic shopping

Dragon Island

The Dragon Island, its fiddler crabs and a flamboyance of flamingos

Fishing port

Visit the fishing village of Dakhla and the spectacular activity of the fishing boats return


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